Friday, July 20, 2007

New Rules

I am starving today!!!!!

During my rides the past couple days, I've been composing blog posts in my head, and none of them started that way. Quite a bit more lofty really.

Today, I want food, and plenty of it. It's 4:15, and I've been wanting to order Chinese for dinner since about 2 hours ago.

Drink water!

I made some new rules this week. Since I've been doing trace carbs for like 3-4 months now, I think it's high time to re-introduce a few more carbs every day... with a few conditions:

In order to have half a tostada and a cortadito sin azucar for breakfast, I must:

Cycle for at least 60 minutes in the morning, and complete a minimum of 5 laps back and forth along the ocean wall at Crandon.
    ...this morning i did 7 :)

No morning workout, no carbs.

Also, all morning rides must be completed by 10am. It's just dangerous to be out there during prime sun hours.


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