Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm Baaaa-aaack

Ahhhh.. Well that was a much needed break! I've just returned from Minnesota, where I went for my cousin Deb's wedding, and then stayed on an extra 10 days to hang out with my cousin Cheryl and her hubby and kids. Talk about detox! Did pretty great on the diet too... Here're some pics from the event and beyond.
mom, caleb, jimmy, me
clever wedding photog took the family pics
AFTER the hora.

uncle jim & aunt pat hoisted up for the hora.

lora and jimmy

cale mom n jim.

me n morgan, doing fishy face.

brother Jimmy and nephew Caleb, looking oh-too-cool... l.a. meets rural minn.

I have many many more pics, but that's enough for now. :) Needless to say, the photo-frenzy continued well beyond the wedding... I still have to crop, edit, etc.

OK.. so let's talk food and exercise. On food, I was aces. I had 2 cheat days, and neither was insane... the wedding & a ladies night out. As far as my regular exercise routine, well that definitely wasn't happening, and I have yet to get back on program with it, now 2 days back home... Must get off ass very soon, or run the risk of watching it expand.


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