Friday, May 4, 2007


ok, it's been a few days since i posted anything... and frankly, a few days since i did anything... took me a couple to recouperate from relay for life, but as of yesterday with paul the trainer and today on my own with cardio, i'm back full force and on program. my intake was good throughout, but the excercise skidded for a few days.

i'm definitely starting to feel small, positive changes with my body, which is such a great feeling... and with that my attitude - i must seem happier, cuz i'm getting lots of compliments... which adds to the self esteem, which adds to the positive outlook, etc etc.. it's all a cycle of positivity... and i'm quite happy to be in the middle of it!

ok, new rule: once a day, list a positive. whether i have time to write anything else or not... list one positive from the day.

today: today i re-confirmed my commitment to myself by exercising, making good food choices and taking the time to do my hair...

****Hair... ok, remind me never to do it myself again... Saturday morning, in the light of day, I noticed, and my mother was kind enough to point out to me, that my dye job was a hideous, freakish mess. Fortunately, my longtime hair person, Iliana, was able to correct the mess without making my hair fall out! Yayyy... On my honor, I will NOT attempt to play colorist to myself again!


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