Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Back to the Gym

A little updating...

I went on the ride with Mosaic Sunday, and it was gorgeous... not in a traditional sense of the word, since it was overcast and a little rainy, but for a 24 mile ride (20 with them and another 4 on my own after), it couldn't have been more ideal.

I really enjoyed the pack riding experience. It was a first for me, and I found myself doing things, like riding on a very busy road and over bridges, that I wouldn't have normally done on my own.. very freeing. :) I also learned a little about how to maximize the pack riding experience... like making sure to be in the front of the pack when a bridge comes up - I got stuck in the back for one, and it was brutal being behind the slowest riders going up a bridge. Yucko.

Gonna upgrade the bike soon too.

Monday I did nothing but get a massage... also quite wonderful... and even better, I didn't need to recuperate after the massage - big bonus. The last time I got one, it released so much lactic acid into my system it actually knocked me out of the loop for 2 days.

Today, Tuesday, I re-upped at the gym at the community center. It was raining again this morning, so I couldn't ride, and it was just time. I've been wanting to start lifting weights again anyhow. So, I went to the gym, did my cardio there on the arc trainer for an hour, then set about to the machines... and I found myself totally lost & totally hating being inside a gym for a workout - instead of out on my bike... a very odd feeling for me since I used to be such a gym rat... With the spinal issues and not wanting to injure myself, I kept to the lat pull, chest press and the leg machines... and then abs, plenty of abs...

All the while I was hoping my trainer would walk through the door and put me out of my misery... I waited and worked out about 3.5 hours... no luck. SO I just called him a few minutes ago - he's on vacation in Puerto Rico, and he answered anyway - and we're gonna get going again next week. :)

I'm very psyched. I've dropped about 60-65 pounds since I was last working with him, so the workouts should be much more productive this go around... I can't wait to start lifting in earnest. And more Pilates...


I'm also back on induction phase... This should be a VERY productive next couple of weeks.


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