Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Sunday!

It's 10 past 9 in the morning, and I'm barely coherent.
One of P's idiot international fans was kind enough to give me a wake up call
about an hour ago... grumble... I can't believe those numbers are still circulating.

OK.. so the week in review:
Food: Perfect - no carbs week number 1 complete. Ironically, it was Mark that wanted to restart/kickstart with another induction phase, and I hopped on to be supportive, and he gave up a couple days in saying he just didn't have enough energy with lifting and no carbs... s'ok - he has less to lose than me - take your time, dear. ;)

Exercise: Very Good, but not excellent... or maybe I'm just being hard on myself, because I only went cycling twice, due to all the rain...

I rejoined the gym this week, and added gym cardio and weightlifting back into the equation. Did I actually take a day off this week? Umm.. yeah. Yesterday. I went to the spa next door and got a facial and soaked in the jacuzzi for hours... Ahhhh...

My skin looks great, but my spine is nowhere near as happy as I would have liked. I don't get it - how can I feel worse after a day of pampering than before it? Sigh... the esthetician must've hit a couple of my landmines.

I'm hopeful that a nice ride this morning will calm the beasties within.


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