Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon Survey

I just came across this survey on a myspace weight loss support group, so I thought I'd share my answers with the class. ;)

What's your workout like?
It varies daily.
-Sundays I do a minimum of 3 hours of bike riding.
-Mondays and Thursdays I have a personal trainer.
(cannot afford him, but can't afford not to either)
-Tuesdays I tend to take the day off.
-Wednesday More cycling or treadmill or arc trainer
-Friday Some kinda cardio and a poolates class
-Saturday couple hours of cycling.

How have you benefitted from exercising?
My body feels like a body again, instead of a blob.
I feel like I've taken ownership of my body again, instead of feeling trapped in it.

What challenges have you faced?
5 herniated disks in my neck
RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) in my Thoracic Spine.
I've had both for four years now... Not fun, but I'm not willing to give in anymore.
Dr.'s be damned.

Do you workout at the gym, home, work or somewhere else?
All of the above and more.

Cardio vs. Fatburning. What's the difference?
Well, to my understanding, cardio is when your heart rate is up around 75%
and fat burning is around 50-60%. I focus more on the fat burning. Though cardio feels like I'm doing more, and it's hard to resist, ultimately, it's less what I need.

Weight resistance......machines or free weights?
Both. i love weight training. Always have. I'm not supposed to do it at all anymore but, like I said, I'm done taking no for an answer.

Have you overcome emotional or mental challenges from exercise?
hmmm.. i dunno. I suppose.. just from the endorphin kick. It's hard to be anything but happy when you're riding around the beach of a beautiful island!


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