Thursday, October 18, 2007

Post Bday Update

I've kinda been on strike from the internet for the past 10 days or so - I just needed a real break, and I'm not sure I'm done with it yet. During that time, I had a birthday (almost), a major relapse into spinal pain (on the morning of my bday - which is why I decided to postpone it till further notice, since I spent my bday flat on my back - or on my stomach, when I went to the chiro/accu), got honored by the American Cancer Society (last night), reconnected with a high school friend (Jody) and a few other things that escape my mind.

Still going strong on the diet front... Although, oddly, my exercise has slipped a bit since I started back with the trainer 2 weeks ago. Hm. Doesn't really make sense...

Yesterday was the 1st time I've worked out - and only 40 minutes on the arc trainer - since Saturday... because of the spine situation... really brutal on the pain front.

Today, I'm going to a Mat Pilates Class (in 50 minutes) for the first time... It's "contra-indicated" according to all the spine folks, but so is everything else that makes you fit - apart from walking, which actually causes wicked spasms and swimming which bores me to tears. So.. we'll see. I'll know tomorrow if Mat Pilates is a good idea or not.

I gotta try!

Still cycling, of course, but it's fallen off from summer levels due to rain in the past couple of weeks... I'm happy to report though, that I'm upgrading on Saturday - getting a 21 speed bike. :) Frankly, I have NO idea what I'll do with 21 speeds, but it's a gift in exchange for some internet help... so .. sweet... I'll figure out the details later. :)

ok, 45 minutes till class time.

I'll be doing a size drop check again on November 1st. Here's hopin'! And workin!

P.S. Loving this season of Biggest Loser...


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